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Modular Educational Game

The educational game on the subjects of “Skin“ and  “Skin Protection“ in the hairdressing trade consists of four different modules (A-D). Thus you have the option to use only individual modules when you are short on time. 

The educational game is conceived as a collection of ideas. Further tasks on the “Skin Protection“ theme can be developed and realized by students and teachers. The task problems in modules A and B are divided into three subject groups: Structure and Function of the Skin (Subject Group 1), Occupational Skin Diseases (Subject Group 2), and Skin Protection, Skin Care and Skin Cleaning (Subject Group 3). 

The solutions can be found in the Solution Guide and handed out to the groups. The educational game can be integrated into classroom lessons at different times throughout the training period, e.g. for review and consolidation of the subject matter regarding skin protection in the workplace.

  • Educational Game: Description for teachers (.pdf)
  • Game Rules (.pdf)
  • Solution guide (.pdf)
  • Game materials: tasks (.pdf)
  • Game materials: game board - one-piece (.pdf)
  • Game materials: game board - four-part (.pdf)
  • Templates for more task cards (.doc)