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Argumentation training

The hands are the most important tools that a hairdresser has. It is usually taken for granted that the hands simply “work properly”. But in their daily tasks the hands are exposed to many skin-damaging materials, e.g. hair colouring agents, shampoo and water. 

Therefore it is important for your students to protect their hands when working. Wearing gloves is the most important protective measure available. 

In your lessons you can address the subject of “skin protection“. An argumentation training with your students, e.g. as role playing, can help your students justify skin protection in the workplace to customers, colleagues and the boss. At this point we would like to provide you with some materials as a basic foundation for the argumentation training.

There are good reasons to wear gloves as a hairdresser dealing with skin-damaging substances. But your students are sure to think of some reasons not to do so at first. Here you will find some typical counterarguments:

  • Worksheet: Gloves – Arguments and Counterarguments.doc
  • Worksheet: Gloves – Arguments and Counterarguments.pdf
  • Proposed solution: Gloves – Arguments and Counterarguments.pdf

In the everyday work routine, situations can develop in dealing with customers, colleagues or  superiors, in which it is crucial to be able to explain the subject of “skin protection”. The following practice examples can be used in class, e.g. as a basis for discussion or as an introduction to the subject:

  • Worksheet: Practice examples.doc
  • Worksheet: Practice examples.pdf
  • Proposed solution: Practice examples – Proposed solution.pdf