Dear trainer,

This internet site is fully dedicated to your profession, and is intended to help you as a teacher to didactically convey information on the subjects “skin” and “skin protection” in the hairdressing profession to the appropriate target groups. Lay the professional cornerstone enabling a hairdresser to have an entire career with healthy and beautiful hands, beginning with the first year of training. You are certainly already aware that hairdressing work can really “get under one’s skin”! 

What can this internet site offer you? 

This online-offering contains information and recommendations for action on the subjects of “skin“ and “skin protection“ in the hairdressing trade. In the main document you will find all essential, scientifically-based background information on the subject of “Occupational Skin Diseases in the Hairdressing Trade“. 

In addition, it offers you a modular learning game which can be studied and organized with the entire class, within the framework of a project week, or used in its individual parts (=modules) as a lesson introduction or stimulation activity within the lesson. Furthermore you will find here worksheets and practice examples which can be discussed in the lesson as case examples, or acted out as role-playing exercises. 

You can also use this site online together with your class during the lesson. Take a look at the section for trainees. Here you and your students will find a target group-specific learning offering with interactive learning options.