Dear employer,

Creativity, a sense of beauty and trends, technical skill, and close contact with customers are only a few of the aspects that make the hairdressing profession something very special. 

This internet site is fully dedicated to your profession. It is intended to help you as an employer with the selection of skin protection measures, and assist you in convincing your employees, so that you and your employees can work in your field for your entire career with healthy and beautiful hands. You may already be aware that hairdressing work can really “get under your skin”! 

What can this internet site offer you? 

This online-offering contains information and recommendations for action on the subjects of  “skin“ and “skin protection“ in the hairdressing trade. In the main document you will find all essential, scientifically-based background information on the subject of “Occupational Skin Diseases in the Hairdressing Trade“. 

With a few tips it is easy to maintain healthy skin throughout your whole working life! Healthy and attractive hands are the hairdresser’s most important tools, and simply a part of your job!