Water dries out the skin!

That may sound contradictory at first, but it is true!   

The skin, specifically the cornified cells, swell up from contact with water and moisture and retain a great deal of water. That is why the palms of your hands appear wrinkly after bathing.  

Once your hands are back in a dry place, the excess water evaporates and the cells shrink again. Through this process, the space between the cells grows, and the skin becomes permeable by substances from outside. Now, abrasive and allergy-causing substances can get into the skin particularly easily. Simultaneously, much more water can escape from the skin. The skin dries out and feels dry and chapped.  

Frequent contact with water is thus an important cause of the emergence of occupational skin diseases and, unfortunately, is often underestimated. Therefore, you should make sure that you alternate activities involving contact with liquids, and dry activities, as much as possible.  

Please note: wearing gloves also counts as “wet work”, because moisture collects in the gloves and a moist condition results. Therefore you should try to change gloves often and give your skin a break with a skin protection cream and dry activities!