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In the tabular overview  a variety of working materials and products are displayed which you know from your everyday work, that can lead to skin irritation, inflammation or even to allergies. 

Detergent substances (for example, in soaps or shampoos) lead to a washing away of the fat from the skin. Through the washing away of fat, the skin barrier and thus the protective function can be damaged. Dry, raw skin is already a first sign of a degraded skin barrier. Then, allergy-causing substances, such as those in hair colourings, shampoos or permanent-wave liquid, can penetrate your skin more easily and initiate an allergic skin reaction. Whether, and when, the allergy appears varies with the individual and cannot be predicted.   

There are, however, substances which lead to allergies more often than other substances. These include many typical hairdressing chemicals such as those shown in the above table. A widespread allergen, for example, is p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is found in many oxidizing hair colourings and which often results in allergies for hairdressers, but also for customers.

You can recognize products harmful to your skin! Would you like to know how?