SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0SafeHair 2.0

Systematic development and validation of a modular target specific instrument for the design of teaching-learning arrangements for the prevention of occupational skin diseases in professional hairdressing (SafeHair 2.0)




First objective: Evaluation of the use of skin protective measures in hairdressering 

Assessment of the status quo of the use of skin protective measures in professional hairdressing in all European countries by using the questionnaire EvaHair. 

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Second objective: Multiplier model for disseminating information (educational authorities, teachers, tutors, masters)

This includes teaching curricula, types of schools, master courses, and public information platforms according to the specific national requirements. It will take into account the results of the above described status quo evaluation. 

Third objective: Development of a modular SafeHair Skin&Beauty Toolbox 

In SafeHair 1.0 was decided to bundle comprehensive materials and information for skin protective measures for ready-access in the salons and for different target groups involved in education and administration in the field of professional hairdressing (modular SafeHair Skin&Beauty Toolbox). There will also be modules in this toolbox comprising workflow charts for implementation of improved skin protection strategies. The toolbox modules will be designed in a fashion, which allow country-specific adaptations and tailoring. The different target groups are apprentices, employees, masters, salon owners, teachers, managers, administrators, professional associations, suppliers, experts and further stakeholders. 

Fourth objective: Evaluation of the modular SafeHair Skin&Beauty Toolbox for the different target groups 

Evaluation of acceptance, practicability and effectiveness of the SafeHair Toolbox (interview/ questionnaire) will help to make continuous improvement of the Toolbox’ modules in order to make it a widely accepted sustainable SafeHair invention.