3) Practice examples "Up to the boss!"3) Praxisbeispiel "Chefsache!"3) Exemple pratique « affaire du chef »3) Praktisk eksempel "Chefens ansvarsområde!"3) Primer iz prakse "Šefova stvar!"3) Praktijkvoorbeeld "Dat is een zaak voor de baas!"3) Eżempju prattiku "Biċċa xogħol għall-imgħallem!"

"A matter for the boss!"

It’s only been a while since you’ve been allowed to conduct all typical hairdressing activities yourself, such as washing, cutting and blow-drying. But already your hands are burning from contact with shampoo and hair: they are red and they itch.   

Your boss Pierre is not concerned. When you ask for appropriate gloves and protective skin cream he shakes his head and says: “Protective gloves and protective skin cream are not necessary for hairdressing work here. That little bit of water and shampoo won’t hurt your hands! Only the best and easiest products on the skin are used in my salon. Besides, gloves and creams for all employees would be way too expensive! Don’t make such a fuss and just take care of your hands better at home. After all, you’re responsible for yourself!”   

How can you convince your boss?