Gloves: Yes? No? Maybe?Handschuhe: Ja? Nein? Vielleicht?Gants : Oui ? Non ? Peut-être ?Handsker: Ja? Nej? Måske?Rokavice: Da? Ne? Mogoče?Handschoenen: Ja? Nee? Misschien?Ingwanti: iva? le? forsi?

Gloves: Yes? No? Maybe?

In order to make sure that your hands remain healthy throughout your career, it is important to protect these valuable tools when working. Wearing gloves is the most important protective measure toward that end.

So there are good reasons that it makes sense to wear gloves as a hairdresser when working with substances that are hard on the skin. But some reasons not to wear them will certainly occur to you at first!

In the side menu on the left you will find typical counterarguments. At second glance, though, you will see that they only seem plausible at first glance