Convince yourself and othersÜberzeugen Sie sich und anderePersuadez-vous et d'autresOverbevis dig selv og andrePrepričajte sebe in drugeOvertuig uzelf en anderenIkkonvinċi lilek nnifsek u lill-oħrajn

Convince yourself and others

The hands are the most important tools that a hairdresser has. It is usually taken for granted that the hands simply “work properly”. But in their daily tasks the hands are exposed to many skin-damaging materials, e.g. hair colouring agents, shampoo and water. At the latest, you will notice when the skin acquires a disease that healthy skin is not always a given.

Protecting the hands while working and wearing gloves is thus important, because you need healthy and attractive hands every day!

That is why we want to confront you with some arguments, counter-arguments and concrete situations that should help you to explain and justify skin protection in your daily work to customers, colleagues and the boss.