Declaration of DresdenDeclaration of DresdenDeclaration of DresdenDeclaration of DresdenDeclaration of DresdenDeclaration of DresdenDeclaration of Dresden

Declaration of Dresden

In a series of three international meetings, organized by the University of Osnabrück in corporation with national social partners (Dansk Frisør & Kosmetiker Forbund, Copenhagen, Denmark, Fédération Nationale de la Coiffure, Paris, France, CSC Energie Chimie, Brussels, Belgium, Zentralverband des deutschen Friseurhandwerks, Cologne, Germany) the basis for a scientifically guided consensus on prevention amongst all stakeholders, including the hairdressers’ employers’ associations and trade unions, as well as suppliers and safety engineers (50 participants from 14 European countries) has been established.

Recently, on September 28th 2010 in Dresden a voluntary agreement, the so called “Declaration of Dresden”, was signed by all European social partners in the trade as a unique commitment to OCD prevention. 

The “Declaration of Dresden” contains recommendations concerning the above-mentioned issues (Part 1: Declaration of intent) as well as detailed support measures for its implementation at national level (Part 2: Attachment). 

Conclusion: The declaration provides a basis for further attempts concerning occupational safety and health, particularly focusing on the prevention of occupational dermatitis in the European hairdressing trade. In the next step, scientifically guided implementation of the accepted standards is the objective of an EU follow-up project (SafeHair 2.0).