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"But I can’t wear gloves, ... 

... because the customers will think hair colouring agents are harmful!“ 

“There is a difference between customers having their hair coloured every 6 weeks, and a hairdresser having skin contact with hair colouring agents several times a day! Frequent contact can irritate the skin and every customer should understand that when you explain it."

A well-known saying goes “the poison depends on the dosage“. This saying is appropriate when dealing with hair colouring agents and other irritant influences, because it is above all the constant or repeated contact which is hard on the skin.   

When having their hair coloured, customers themselves have only occasional contact to the colouring agents. This is different with the hairdresser, who colours the hair of many customers in a single day. There is far more frequent contact to the colouring agents, which irritate the skin and in the worst case can also provoke allergic reactions. Customers can understand this too if you explain it to them.   

And what customer wants to have her hair cut or treated by a hairdresser with raw, dry or red hands?