argument4_theydontfit_additional_informationArgument4_PassennichtArgument4_Ne me vont pas_additional_informationArgument4_Passer ikke_additional_information"Se ne prilegajo!"Argument4_Ze passen niet_additional_informationargument4_theydontfit_additional_information

"They don’t fit!"

"But I can’t wear gloves, ... 

... because there are no gloves that fit me!“



“Yes there are! There are many different gloves and materials. You should try out a number, until you find the right ones! In a shoe store you don’t buy the first shoes you see, but rather try several pairs on!”

For a long time most gloves were made of “polyethylene” (PE), making them look like “bags” and fit poorly. Fortunately those days are gone. These days there is a large selection of gloves on the market made of different materials (for example “nitrile” and “vinyl”) which lend themselves to a much more natural fit.   

By the way: with gloves it is the same as with shoes: no shoe fits everyone, and by the same token there is no glove which is right for every hairdresser’s hands. Therefore it is worthwhile to try out different gloves until you have found some which work for you. It is also important that gloves in different sizes are available in the workplace. 

After all there is a shoe to fit every foot and no one has to go barefoot…