argument3_"notfashionable!"_additional_informationArgument3_NichttrendigArgument3_Pas stylé_additional_informationArgument3_ikketrendy_additional_information"Ni moderno!"Argument3_Niet trendy_additional_informationargument3_"notfashionable!"_additional_information

"Not fashionable!"

"But I can’t wear gloves, ... 

... because gloves are not fashionable and modern!"


“The choice of colours is enormous! Surely there is a colour that will please you and fit well in the salon. Besides, raw, dry and red hands are not fashionable and modern either, right?“

By now there are gloves on the market in various colours – blue, green, white, transparent, violet, skin-coloured, and many others. Surely there is a colour available that can satisfy you and fit well in the salon. 

In addition, wearing gloves is, above all, about protecting the hands. A skin disease with raw, dry or red hands does not look particularly pretty, especially in the hairdressing profession with its emphasis on beauty. Therefore a hairdresser should set a good example and cut her or his customers’ hair with beautiful – that means healthy – hands!