2) Practice examples: response2) Praxisbeispiel: AntwortExemple pratique: response2) Praktisk eksempel: response2) Primer iz prakse: response2) Praktijkvoorbeeld: response2) Eżempju Prattika: response

"That´s nothing!"

Your new colleague Maria has taken on the tasks of washing, blow-drying, coloring and perming which you have assigned to her, and is carrying them out conscientiously. The customers are impressed with Maria’s creativity and professionalism. For some days, you have noticed some changes in the skin of your colleague’s hands. Above all, the spaces between her fingers already appear to have reddened unmistakably.   

Maria plays down the issue. “That’s nonsense! My hands are okay. I don’t wear gloves because I have no feeling with them.”

How can you convince Maria?

“Maria, you should go to a skin doctor, because even minor changes in the skin, such as dry areas and reddening, need to be taken seriously. Don’t wait until it gets painful and chapped and makes your work difficult! The earlier a skin disease is recognized and treated, the more easily it can be healed! If you start now you can get your skin back in good condition without much trouble!   

“Wearing gloves has to be practiced. Trust me, the sensitivity will come back in a while! Doctors can operate even with two pairs of gloves on at the same time – and they need a lot of sensitivity!”     

Is Maria still not convinced?