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"Mistrust from customers!"

"But I can’t wear gloves, ... 

... because the customers don’t trust in my skill with gloves!“



“On the contrary! A hairdresser who can work with gloves is especially skillful. After all, doctors can operate with gloves too. And if customers ask about it and I inform them about skin protection, I show my competence at the same time!”

The wearing of gloves does not inhibit your abilities. Doctors can conduct operations, in which they of course also need much fingertip sensitivity, even while wearing two pairs of gloves at once. Working with gloves involves one thing above all: practice! All studies support this. The most important thing is for you to have patience with yourself at first.

If customers should ask critical questions about why a hairdresser wears gloves, it is often due to a lack of knowledge.  A hairdresser who can explain why the subject of skin protection is important demonstrates, above all, her or his own competence and shows how much the hairdressing profession means to him!   

By the way: there are many gloves that feel comfortable to the customer during a scalp massage and do not “pull” at the hair. Try it out with a colleague!