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pH value

The pH value shows whether a watery solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline (basic). 

The pH Value Scale extends from 0 to 14.

acidph-neutralalkaline, basic
Watery products, solutions and mixtures with a pH value less than 7 are categorized as “acidic”. Stomach acids, lemons, and Coca Cola are acidic.Watery products, solutions and mixtures with a pH value of 7 are categorized as “pH-neutral”. The best-known neutral “representative“ is  Water. Watery products, solutions and mixtures with a pH value greater than 7 are categorized as “alkaline“, “basic“, or as “basic solution“. A typical alkaline product with a pH value of about 10 is soap. 

pH-neutral to the skin? 

Our skin surface, too, with a pH value of 5.5, is slightly acidic and our most important protective shield against unwelcome bacteria, viruses and fungi. The water-lipid film on our skin is therefore also referred to as the “acid skin mantle”.

In order to protect the slightly acidic pH value of the skin, attention should be paid when washing the hands to the use of so-called pH-skin-neutral syndets (from synthetic detergents). At 5.5, these also have a good cleansing effect.

Please note! Because of its neutral pH value, long contact with water can also harm the skin.  Water, because it is pH neutral, can lead to a slight increase in the slightly acidic skin pH value (ca. 5.5). Through this process the skin loses its acidic qualities, resulting in a reduction in protection against germs.

When buying skin-cleansing products, one should also pay careful attention to the pH value. Many products are “pH-neutral” and thus harder on the skin than “pH-skin-neutral” products!