2) Practice example “That’s nonsense!“2) Praxisbeispiel "Das ist doch nichts!"2) Exemple pratique « ce n'est rien »2) Praktisk eksempel „Det er da ingenting!“2) Primer iz prakse „Saj ni nič hudega!“2) Praktijkvoorbeeld „Dat is toch niets!”2) Practice example “That’s nonsense!“

“That’s nonsense!“

Your new employee Maria has taken on the tasks of washing, blow-drying, colouring and perming which you have assigned to her and is carrying them out conscientiously. The customers are impressed with Maria’s creativity and professionalism. For some days you have noticed some changes in the skin of your employee’s hands. Above all, the spaces between her fingers already appear to have reddened unmistakably.

Maria plays down the issue. “That’s nonsense! My hands are okay. I don’t wear gloves because I have no feeling with them.”

How can you convince Maria?