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Protective skin cream

There are many different protective skin creams for various skin problems in the workplace.   

As a hair stylist you are most often subject to water, moisture and long periods of wearing gloves. That means you should make sure the protective skin cream can protect you from water, and thus from the danger of allowing your skin barrier to be weakened.   

A protective skin cream should be applied at least 20 minutes before putting on gloves or before skin contact with professional products, in order to avoid possible negative interactions between the cream and the glove material or professional products.     

In general: A lot helps a lot! 

Only when you thoroughly apply a substantial amount of protective skin cream to your hands can its protective qualities have the proper effect. In addition, you should reapply the protective skin cream regularly, because its effects fade quickly.   

Unfortunately, protective skin creams cannot protect you from hairdressing chemicals such as hair colouring agents, perming agents and others. Only appropriate protective gloves can help against those.