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Protective gloves

Does protective glove = protective glove? 

Protective gloves represent the most important skin protection technique in your profession. Only protective gloves can completely protect you from skin-endangering materials. However, the protective gloves can only offer this protection when you have the appropriate gloves for the potentially harmful activity.   

That means: all gloves are not equal! There are many different types and materials, as the image shows. The distinction between single-use and reusable gloves is important.

Single-use gloves

Single-use gloves are very thin. They feel good when you have them on. They are available in many different colours – including fashionable ones (!) – and with different cuff lengths. For typical hairdressing activities such as hair washing, colouring, bleaching, rinsing, straightening and perming, they are well suited. 

Reusable gloves

Reusable gloves are thicker. They are thus especially appropriate for cleansing and disinfection work.